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Guest Information

Welcome to Hollywood

Hollywood Golf club is pleased to welcome you and we look forward to your visit. Our professional staff strives to treat each guest as a member and we are proud to be able to offer you a premier experience.

Your Arrival:

Please check in with our Valet who will coordinate your arrival.

Cellular Telephones:

All permitted usage of cellular telephones and messaging systems will be subject to the peaceful enjoyment of the Club by other Members and their guests. Any cell phone use disturbing any other members in the vicinity shall immediately cease. All ringers shall be turned off, with the phone set to silent or vibrate mode.

Golf Course Attire:

Proper golf attire is required of all golfers at all times. Every member should accept the responsibility to commit to high standards for themselves, their guests and visiting family members. Men must always wear collared shirts. Ladies may wear sleeveless blouses, provided the blouse has a collar or a collarless blouse, provided the blouse has sleeves. Shirts must be tucked in. Men's shorts must be within 3” of the knee. Jeans, tee shirts, cargo shorts and tank tops are not acceptable attire. All golfers are required to wear golf shoes with soft spikes.

The Starter and Professional Staff will have the right to request that a player change into appropriate attire prior to teeing off.

Guests must use the appropriate locker rooms to change shoes and other attire. Changing footwear in the parking lot is not permitted.

Tennis Court Attire:

It is advised that predominantly white is the preferred color, although accent colors are permitted. No jogging shorts or shirts. No tee shirts or clothing with advertising. No cutoffs, swimsuits or running shoes are permitted. This rule applies to members, their children, and their guests.


Hollywood Golf Club has a no-tipping policy (excluding Play Coordinator, Caddies and Locker Room Attendants).


Smoking is prohibited in all buildings at the Club.

If you have any questions, please call (732) 531-0900 for further information.