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HGC Covid 19 Policy


Medical Advisory Committee

September 11, 2021

Dear Membership,

The Medical Advisory Committee met Thursday evening and has recommended updating the vaccine policies for members, guests, employees and caddies. The recommendation has been unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees. These policies are to ensure the health and safety of all individuals at Hollywood Golf Club.Due to the increased rate of breakthrough COVID-19 infections by the Delta variant in Monmouth County, we feel compelled to take measures to protect our entire membership.


  • Effective immediately, indoor usage of the Club is to be used by vaccinated members only.
  • Unvaccinated members may wear masks inside for the bathroom facilities and briefly visit their lockers. Showers and gym are for vaccinated members only.
  • Indoor dining and socializing are for vaccinated members only.
  • Unfortunately, children under 12 cannot be vaccinated yet, therefore they cannot use indoor facilities except the restrooms.


  • Effective September 15th, all guests of the club must be vaccinated or show a negative PCR test result within 48 hours.
  • Golf/tennis guests are to check in at their respective pro shops or the front desk of the clubhouse if dining.
  • Proof of Vaccination Accepted - CDC Card, Picture of CDC Card, NJ Docket App, NYS and NYC App.

Employees and Caddies

  • All employees are required to be fully vaccinated by October 15th (two weeks post second shot Pfizer/Moderna or two weeks post Johnson and Johnson).
  • For those wishing to remain unvaccinated, weekly PCR testing will be required. Weekly PCR testing is to begin effective September 15th for unvaccinated staff and caddies. (The health professionals at the Club are looking into on property testing options).

    Thank you for your understanding.The situation is dynamic and additional updates will be provided as we continue to monitor the pandemic locally and nationally.


    The Medical Advisory Committee
    Dr. Rory Snepar, Chairman
    Mr. Matthew Lynch
    Dr. Steve Landers
    Dr. Steve Lisser
    Dr. Stuart Leff
    Mr. Jason Hoitt